Nalanda Student Finds A Remedy For Leukemia From Green Tea

Rakitha Dilshan Malewana, a student of Nalanda College Colombo, won the Bronze medal in International Science Project Olympiad which was held at Jakarta, Indonesia for using Catechin Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as an Anticancer Agent for Leukemia.
The student's invention was considered as a major breakthrough in the battle against Leukemia, a deadly disease that has claimed the lives of millions all over the world.
Catechin, according to scientists, is usually contained in green tea.  He also proved that this is capable of working as an anti-cancer agent for several other types of cancer. 
International Science Project Olympiad covers several fields of study including environment, biology. chemistry. physics and technology. It allows students all over the world to present their new inventions to the international stage and assess their viability vis-a-vis international standards. Students from many parts of the world took part in the competition where Rakitha Malewana won the bronze medal. 
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