Paddy To Be Removed From Mattala Airport By March

Minister of Fisheries Mahinda Amaraweera stated that the paddy stored in Mattala International Airport will be removed by March and that steps would be taken to attract airplanes to the airport.

Speaking at an event in Ranna in Hambantota District, Amaraweera said that he was responsible for the people who elected him to the Parliament above anyone else. He joined the government to serve the people and his step has paid dividends, Amaraweera also argued.

The minister pointed out that all four major projects in Hambantota, namely the harbour, airport, railway and the expressway, were in danger of being discontinued. However, after his threat to leave the government, the projects were kicked off once again, he added.

Amaraweera acknowledged that some people are still unable to understand the consensus government. However, the SLFP members in government are keeping the people's interest in mind, he argued, pointing out that they were able to change some budget proposals after negotiating with the President and Prime Minister.

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