Sri Lankan Players Accused Of "Overnight Partying And Merrymaking" During Cricket Series

Several Sri Lankans living in New Zealand have accused Sri Lankan cricketers of being engaged in overnight drunken parties before their cricket matches, which in their opinion, severely affected the performance of the team.

Sri Lanka was comprehensively beaten by New Zealand in the 2nd T20 International at Auckland today, as the team fell far below the hosts in their batting and bowling. Sri Lankan performance has been dismal throughout most of the tour, the third ODI being the exception. They ended the tour with defeats in the Test, ODI and T20 series.

Hours after today's defeat, several Sri Lankans in New Zealand posted serious allegations on Facebook, suggesting that they could not have expected better from cricketers, who spent the previous nights partying.

One Sri Lankan suggested that enough evidence could be found on Facebook Pages of Sri Lankans living in the cities where the matches were held.

They also hit out at the team management for not ensuring player discipline.

However, the management of the Sri Lanka cricket team is yet to make an official statement, clearing the air on the matter.

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