Police Service 'Prostituted': Victim Constable Finally Becomes The Culprit

Investigations into the assault on a Police constable who fined Deputy Minister Hemal Gunasekera on the Southern Expressway have taken an interesting turn with Police inquiring whether the Police constable overstepped his limits when he spot-fined the Deputy Minister. 

Soon after the he fined the Deputy Minister, an unidentified group brutally assaulted the Police constable and set his vehicle on fire. It was widely alleged that the Deputy Minister's supporters were responsible for the crime. However, the Police have so far failed to apprehend the perpetrators. 

However, highly placed police sources told Asian Mirror that a separate inquiry is being held into the conduct of the Police constable. When the Deputy Minister's driver informed the Constable that it was Deputy Minister Hemal Gunasekera's vehicle, the Constable has said, "I don't know who he is. The vehicle has exceeded speed limits and you should pay the fine!" According to Police sources, the Minister's vehicle had been travelling at a speed of 140 kmph. 

The Deputy Minister had attempted to evade the spot-fine through the intervention of senior Police officers and the constable had insisted that the Minister should pay the fine. It was after this incident that the Police officer was assaulted by goons. 

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Gunasekera, who represents the district of Matara, has claimed that he has no connection with the assault. 

"I am a total vegetarian. I never commit wrong-doings. Therefore it is wrong to claim that i am behind the assault," The Deputy Minister had told media on Monday. However, the Police have so far failed to record a statement from the Deputy Minister in connection with the incident.

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