TukTuk, The "Worst" Online Taxi Service Resorts To Third Grade Marketing Tactics Against Competitors

TukTuk, a recently launched online Taxi service, has resorted to a slanderous campaign against its competitors, deviating from best practices of business. 

A sizable proportion of posts shared on social media pages managed by TukTuk openly attack its competitor, Pick Me, another online taxi service operating in Colombo over the past few months. 

Some of their posts refer to the ethnicity of the key individuals handling Pick Me, showing their callous disregard for fundamental business ethics and best practices. 

Instead of promoting TukTuk's own brand image, the company is hell-bent on damaging the image of its competitor, Pick Me, demonstrating the company's uncouth and primitive approach towards running a business. 

Interestingly, TukTuk's social media pages are flooded with complaints from its customers, highlighting its poor quality of service. Many had no qualms about dubbing TukTuk as the "worst online Taxi service in town" for multiple reasons, including those involving racism. 

Several people have even complained that TukTuk's android app does not work at all! 

It showed that TukTuk had forgotten to fix the chinks in their own system as the company was busy with its outrageous and vicious campaign against other competitors involved in the same business.  


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