Special "Intelligence Report" On Ministers Who Meet CBK

The Presidential Secretariat has obtained a special "intelligence report" on Cabinet ministers of the government who are in touch with former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. 

It was in the grapevine that the former President was in talks with the United National Party to field a common candidate at the next Presidential Election. 

The report has given a detailed analysis on ministers who held discussions with the former President without the knowledge of the UPFA leadership. 

According to the report, one Cabinet Minister, who is related to the former President, has met her in Horagolla a few months ago in a clandestine manner. On the day he had met the former President, the Minister had left his Colombo residence early morning with his 'back-up' jeep. In Kalagaedihena, the Minister had ordered his bodyguards and MSD officials to go back to Colombo. From that point on, the Minister himself had driven the vehicle to Horagolla house where former President Kumaratunga stayed. 

It is learnt that some of the ministers have pledged their fullest support to Kumaratunga if she decides to be the common candidate of the opposition at the next Presidential Election. 

Meanwhile, a vernacular newspaper last week reported that the government has started an inquiry on cabinet ministers who leak "cabinet secrets" to political parties of the opposition and foreign embassies. 


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