Taliban Now In Sri Lanka: Interpol Confirms

Interpol has warned local intelligence agencies that the Taliban is operating within Sri Lanka.

Interpol, which is now in touch with Sri Lankan authorities on this matter, is of the belief that the international terrorist organization is using Sri Lanka as an easy transit point to Middle East and other Asian countries.

Intelligence services also believe that some Taliban members have entered the country using forged documents.

They are also believed to be engaged in smuggling and other illegal activities with the cooperation of locals in Colombo and Kattankudy areas.

Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist military organization which was formed in Afghanistan and later spread its wings to Pakistan and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, speaking to media last month, Terrorism Research Expert Dr. Rohan Gunaratna reiterated that overseas Islamist terror cells are operating in Lanka posing a severe threat to Sri Lanka’s national security.

Commenting on the arrest of Lankan Islamist terror suspect Mohammed Zakir Hussain in Chennai, India, Dr. Gunaratna said Hussain’s associates were still active, jeopardizing the security of entire region that includes Sri Lanka, India and the Maldives.

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