Aluthgama OIC "Promoted" Four Days After The Clash

OIC of Aluthgama Police station Kavinda Piyasekera has been "promoted" and transferred just a few days after the clash. 

Chief Inspector R.P.K.A. Jayampathi has been appointed as the new Officer in Charge of the Aluthgama Police, sources of the Police Department told Asian Mirror. 

However, a spokesman from the Police Department told Asian Mirror that Piyasekera was not on duty when the clash occurred in the area. 

He said T.R. Wijesekara was the 'Acting' OIC of Aluthgama Police when violence erupted between Sinhalese groups and the Muslims in the area. The spokesman also added that he was not aware of any inquiry into the conduct of senior officers of Aluthgama Police station in connection with the clash. 

However, Police came under strong criticism from many sections of the society for allowing the BBS  to stage a protest in Aluthgama. Also, many eye-witnesses alleged that the Aluthgama Police did not take measures to control the situation when the clashed broke out on Sunday night. 

It is in this context that the "promotion" which has been given to the OIC of Aluthgama Police station has raised many an eye brow. 

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