Rajini Kanth Proves Police Media Spokesman's 'Theory' On Pasyala Killing!

Referring to the death of an individual in Pasyala barely two weeks ago, Police Media Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana, addressing a press conference in Colombo, said the Police opened fire at him when he attempted to flee. 

At this point, a female journalist, who was present at the event, asked as to how a fleeing suspect had gunshot wounds on his chest! 

It was quite clear to the audience that the Police Media Spokesman could not come up with a quick response for this question. He was seen stamerring and struggling, trying to 'formulate' an answer to this unexpected question. 

Apparently, famous movie star Rajini Kanth has come to the Police Media Spokesman's rescue by introducing a 'theory' that demonstrates how one could shoot a fleeing suspect in his chest. Unfortunately, the Police Media Spokesman of Sri Lanka was not in a position to play this video on a large screen when the journalist asked that question at the press conference.

Below is the video that justifies SSP Ajith Rohana's theory!


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