No Unlawful Arrest Will Be Made: Swaminathan

Minister of Prison Reform, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Affairs D. M. Swaminathan said that not only rehabilitated LTTE cadres but anyone else could be arrested to maintain law and order. However, if anyone is arrested unlawfully, he will bring it to the notice of the President and Prime Minister.

Swaminathan made this observation answering a question by TNA MP Charles Nirmalanathan yesterday.

"Arrest of a person is related to the country’s law and order, and to maintain law and order not only Tamils, persons from other communities are also arrested. If anyone is arrested unlawfully, instead of condemning vehemently, please bring it to my notice. I will take up the issue with the President and Prime minister, discussing with them I will obtain an appropriate solution" the Minister said.

He also rejected an allegation made by TNA MP Mavai Senathirajah, who had criticised Swaminathan for not being cooperative. Swaminathan said that he has always acted promptly whenever the TNA Parliamentarians pointed out reasonable issues.

After the government of good governance came to power, approximately 3,140 acres of land in the Northern and Eastern Provinces have been released, Swaminathan said. The rehabilitation and resettlement processes and other development projects are being conducted with the fullest cooperation and support through his ministry, Swaminathan added.

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