Harcourts Demands Rs.500 Million From CAA For 'Publicity Misfire'

Harcourts (Pvt) Ltd had sent a letter of demand to the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) demanding Rs.500 million for loss and damage caused by the publicity misfire involving the 'raid' that was carried out by the CAA,

The raid was conducted on the property maintained for storing of expired pharmaceuticals, drugs and cosmetic devices.  

They also claim that due to this incident their company was insulted in front of both digital and print media.

Harcourts (Pvt) Ltd claims that the raid has caused a great embarrassment to the company and has tarnished the company's good name. They also deny all the allegations made by the officers who raided the premises.

In the letter Harcourts state that on the press conferance held by CAA on May 28, the authorities have displayed products carrying the company logo while making wrongful allegations.

The company says that this has caused a great publicity massacre to the company name. Harcourts (Pvt) Lts is well known as one of the largest Pharmaceutical Companies in SriLanka with very high reputation and good name of business. Adding to that they are one of the Market leaders in the industry with the largest retail pharmacy chain. 

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