AG Can File Indictment Against Tiran Alles In RADA Case, Supreme Court Says

The AG can file indictment against Tiran Alles in the RADA case despite the Fundamental Rights petition filed at the Supreme Court, a three member bench of the Supreme Court directed today.

Alles had been indicted at the Colombo High Court in the RADA case where he and three others are accused of misappropriating funds provided to reconstruct houses for people who lost their homes during the 2004 Tsunami.

Alles's lawyers presented preliminary objections, saying that the Supreme Court has ordered to maintain the status quo regarding him in the investigation. Therefore he cannot be indicted, his lawyers said.

The High Court sought opinion of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court today said that the FR petition was filed regarding his imminent arrest, and therefore concerns only his arrest. It does not bar the AG to indict him, the Supreme Court said.

The opinion was given by a bench comprising of Justices Eva Wanasundera, Anil Gunaratne and Prasanna Jayawardena.

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