Peradeniya University To Open Medical School In Maldives

Officials from University of Peradeniya are currently in the Maldives to conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of a medical school in theMaldives.

The President’s Office said that Vice President Mohamed Jameel Ahmed met with the visiting officials from the University of Peradeniya – Dean at the Faculty of Medicine M. D. Lamawansa and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Forensic Medicine Dr Dinesh Fernando – on Wednesday.

At the meeting held at the President’s Office, the vice president expressed his gratitude to the University of Peradeniya, for their interest and contribution to the advancement of the Maldives’ education sector. 

Noting the high priority Maldives always accords to educational development, Vice President Jameel emphasised the need for a medical school in the Maldives. Discussions were also held on developing medical tourism in the country. 

The meeting was attended by the Chancellor of the Maldives National University Dr Mohamed Zahir Hussain and other senior representatives of the university. (Haveeru)

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