Crab-like Mervin Says Harin And Dayasiri Act Like Animals

Minister Mervin Silva has said the politicians who fought during the political talk show on Derana have behaved like 'Animals'

Commenting on the incident the minister had said the politicians who bit and scratched eachother must have been animals in their previous births. 'Such behaviors cannot be expected from humans. But fights of that nature are common among animals. Therefore we have to arrive at the conclusion that those politicians do not belong to the mankind,' Minister Silva said addressing a public meeting in Danowita.

' According to Buddhism it requires a lot of hard work to be born as humans. Although some are born as humans they still show the qualities they bring from their past birth. The incident which took place at Derana is one such example,' the Minister also added.

However Minister Mervin Silva's name has been mentioned in connections with a number of similar incidents in the recent past. In 2007 he stormed the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation premises and assaulted the then News Director of Rupavahini T M G Chandrasekara. In response, a large number of Rupavahini employees surrounded the Minister and his allies and assaulted them.   

In another incident he tied a government servant to a tree as a punitive measure. The Minister had to face a disciplinary inquiry over the incident and was removed from office. 

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