Those Who Fail O/L Maths Can Now Sit For A/Level

The government has made a decision to allow the students who fail Mathematics in their O/Level examination to proceed with A/Level classes on the grounds that they pass O/L Mathematics within two years. 

A proposal in this regard has been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers today. The proposal was presented to the Cabinet by Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena. 
Under the present system, students who fail Mathematics in O/Level do not get the opportunity to proceed with higher education.
Minister Gunawardena revealed that a sizable proportion of students who sit for O/L examination fail Mathematics. A special committee was also appointed to look into the reasons leading to this problem. 
According to the Ministry of Education, this opportunity will only be granted for students who obtain three credits for subjects in O/Level other than mathematics. 
Earlier there were viewpoints that the syllabus of O/L Mathematics should be amended to make it easier for students to pass the examination. This idea was shot down at the Cabinet on the grounds that it would lower the standards of the country's education.
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