CaFFe Writes To Uva Governor Regarding Election Law Violation

Campaign for Free and fair Elections (CaFFE) has written to the Governor of the Uva province, Nanda Mathew,  asking him to take immediate action to reclaim the vehicles of former councilors and ministers, some of which are being used for electioneering.

After the dissolution of the council the members are to hand over the resources given to them during their tenure. Former Chief Minister of the province  Saseendra Rajapaksa has already handed over the resources given to him. 

In this letter the organization say that a serious issue of Election Policy violation and an unfair misuse of public property has been done by the respective ministers which could directly affect the free and fair nature of the election. Adding to that the organization also said that research has shown that the abuse of public property is the most serious election law violation in recent times and gives the abusers, mainly from the government parties, an unfair advantage over the other candidates.

In the letter sent to the governor, CaFFe demands to take back the public property and to take suitable legal actions against these policy violators. 

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