'Over 25% Of Muslims In Beruwala Are Affiliated With Thawheed Jamaath' - BBS

Bodu Bala Sena General Secretary Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera today charged that over 25 percent of the Muslim population in Beruwala are affiliated with the Thawheed Jamaath organization.

Speaking to Asian Mirror, the BBS General Secretary said the spread of the Thawheed Jamaath organization has posed a severe threat to Sri Lanka’s national security.

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“Assertion of their identity is visible in the way they dress and behave. Beruwala has become a safe haven for Thawheed Jamaath members,” Gnanasara Thera said.

Gnanasara Thera went on to add that members of the Thawheed Jamaath organization have also received weapon training in Tamil Nadu.

“Thawheed Jamaath is a very dangerous organization, and very responsibly we can say that they have received weapons training and have links to Tamil Nadu. Moreover these organizations could be used by those who want to destabilize and divide this country,” BBS General Secretary Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera said in a media interview last month.

The BBS General Secretary added that they have informed the defence establishments of Sri Lanka of the Thawheed Jamaath threat.

“We don’t have police powers. It is up to the defence establishment of the country to take necessary action against Thawheed Jamaath organization. They are dragging the country towards a Jihadist war,” Gnanasara Thera said. 

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