‘Vehicles That Followed BASL Chairman Were Unregistered’ – PM

Prime Minister D M Jayaratne told in Parliament that the vehicles which followed the BASL Chairman Upul Jayasuriya were unregistered.

The Prime Minister also said that they have verified that the BASL Chairman’s report was true that he was being followed by two motorbikes and a three wheeler. Additional protection has been added to Upul Jayasuriya’s house and protective detail has been assigned to ensure his safety.

The Police have used the CCTC cameras which were accessible on the route which the Chairman took on the day he was followed. These images have proven that Upul Jayasuriya was being followed by some unknown party but the they were cautious enough to use forged number plates.

After The Initial incident the BASL Chairman lodged a second complaint to the police claiming that he was followed again by unidentified motorbikes.

Speaking to Asian Mirror after lodging the first complaint, the BASL president said the incident might have something to with the statement the Sri Lanka Bar Association made on the ban imposed on non-governmental organizations by the government. 

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