Methane Levels Very High At Meethotamulla: Japanese Experts Say Final Report Soon


Methane levels at the Meethotamulla dump is very high, Japanese experts in the country to investigate into the cause of the collapse and aid Sri Lanka’s waste disposal protest, have said.

The ten-member team of specialist in various related fields, including geologist, civil engineers and waste disposal management experts told reporters that while ordinarily methane levels in the air were at 0.5%, methane levels at the Meethotamulla dumpsite measured to 16% and were extremely flammable.

The team of experts said the high methane levels made the area susceptible to explosions and reiterated government directives to evacuate the area. They also advised the public not to dispose of inflammable objects with their waste, in light of the high levels of methane generated by decomposing garbage. 

While the final report by the team of experts is yet to come, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told reporters in Kandy today that a report could be expected on Monday.

The ten-member team of experts are in Sri Lanka on a special request by the Sri Lankan Prime Minister who was on a state visit to Japan when the incident took place last week. 





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