Ravi K And Aloysius Had Travelled To Singapore On The Same Days 13 times: AG's Dept Reveals

The Attorney General's Department today informed the Bond Commission that Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake and Arjun Aloysius had travelled to Singapore on the same days, 13 times. 
The AG's Department made the revelation after examining the travel details of the Foreign Minister and Aloysius, the CEO of the Perpetual Treasuries. 
Karunanayake was the Finance Minister of the Unity Government, at the time the controversial Treasury bonds issue took place.
The lawyers representing the Department said travelling to the same destinations, on the same days, 13 times, seemed to be an unusual development. 
When asked whether he met Aloysius during his visits to Singapore, Karunanayake said he could not remember any such meeting. 
However, he later admitted that he met Aloysius in Singapore, but said they were not pre-planned meetings. 
The Commission started questioning Karunanayake at 10.30 am, today. 
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