Tense Situation In Maradana Due To Fact Finding Mission By UNP MPs

A fact finding mission carried out by a group of UNP MPs to the Maradana railway station was disrupted by pro-government protesters attached to a railway union.

Although the MPs used a sperate entrance to enter the premises, they could not avoid the protesters who vehemently opposed the fact finding mission by UNP Parliamentarians.

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The fact finding mission was organized under the "gaveshana charika" project, with the initiative of several UNP MPs namely Dr. Harsha de Silva, Ajith P.  Perera, Eran Wickramaratne and Ajith Mannapperuma.

Speaking to Asian Mirror, a Parliamentarian who was at the Maradana CGR premises said the protest was pre-meditated and was aimed at purposely disrupting the fact finding mission by the UNP. 

Meanwhile, UNP MP Harsha de Silva who was a member of the delegation said the Secretary of the Transport came up with a "lame excuse" distancing the ministry from the protest. The Parliamentarian also added that there were hundreds of "paid thugs" inside the railway department premises. Protesters booed at the UNP MPs and scolded them in filth as the delegation entered the department premises. 

The MP asserted that the General Manager of the Department of Railways was in hiding while the "paid thugs" took control of the affairs at the department. 

Despite the protest, UNP MPs  namely Eran Wickramaratne, Harsha De Silva, Ajith Mannapperuma, Ajith P. Perera and R. Yogarajan entered the building of the Department.


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