Controversy Over Food Poisoning At JO Protest: Namal Wants Investigation: "No Need To Sabotage Failed Protest:" UNP

September 07, 2018

A controversy has sparked with nearly 30 people being hospitalized after the Joint Opposition protest in Colombo, last Wednesday, after suspected food poisoning. 

Those who had been hospitalized claimed that they fell sick after consuming milk packets distributed at the protest. They visited Colombo last Wednesday to take part in the protest from the Dehiattakandiya area, in a bus arranged by a Pradeshiya Sabha member of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna. 

They said they later found out that the milk packets had been pricked. 

"It can be suspected that someone had pricked the milk packets and added harmful elements to cause food poisoning," the PS member who led the group told media, directing his suspicion at the government. 

"These are severe allegations that need to transparently be investigated by the Police. Hope that this does not go unaddressed and the perpetrators are brought to justice," Namal Rajapaksa, the main organizer of the protest, tweeted. 

However, JO supporters from Dehiattakandiya also said those who ate bread too were hospitalized. 

Responding to the allegations, a UNP Parliamentarian told Asian Mirror that there was no need to sabotage the protest. 

"It was a disastrous exercise that was destined for failure. No one had to do anything to sabotage the protest. These allegations are mere excuses to cover up their own weakness," the MP said. 

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