Controversy Over UPFA MPs Who Boycott Parliament, But Eat From Parliament Cafeteria At Subsidised Rates: UNP Raises Questions

November 27, 2018

UNP Parliamentarian Ajith Mannapperuma alleged that some UPFA Parliamentarians who did not attend Parliamentary sessions today had eaten lunch from the cafeteria for parliamentarians. 

Speaking in Parliament today, Mannapperuma said While the UPFA was boycotting Parliament, its MPs were enjoying benefits and perks at the expense of public money. 

"What kind of a joke is this? Why do they waste taxpayers' money if they don't want to attend parliamentary sessions," Mannapperuma questioned. 

Parliamentarians can get food from the cafeteria of Parliament at subsidized rates and enjoy many other privileges. 

However, responding to the allegations, a UPFA Parliamentarian said they would also boycott the parliamentary cafeteria during their 'boycott parliament' campaign. 

"We will not eat from the parliament cafeteria until we end the boycott campaign. That will only happen when the Speaker recognizes us as the government and Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister," he said. 

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