Central Bank To Introduce District Based 10 Rupee Coins

Central Bank of Sri Lanka is planning to mint different Rs. 10 coins for each of the Administrative Districts of Sri Lanka.

All 25 districts will thereby have their individual Rs. 10 coins. However it was not clear if the Central Bank will use the population or any other yardstick to determine how much coins will be issued per district.

Regardless of this, it will be possible to use all coins anywhere in the country as legal tender.

According to the Central Bank, the use of Rs 10 coins has been promoted due to the fact that the public has lost confidence in the Rs 10 notes. No Rs. 10 notes have been printed after 2010.

In April 2010, the Central Bank brought in the current Rs. 10 coin to replace the note. The hendecagon (eleven-sided) coin is made with steel, and carried Nickel plating. It weighs 8.36g, and is minted at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, Wales.

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