Mangala Calls For Sabry To Be Debarred For Presenting Forged Docs As Evidence To Mislead The Public About Gotabhaya’s Citizenship

November 10, 2019

Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera is the latest to join the fray around Podujana party presidential candidate Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s citizenship.

In a tweet the Finance Minister called for Rajapaksa’s lawyer Ali Sabry to be debarred for presenting ‘forged documents’ to mislead the public.

He was referring to a certificate purportedly from the U.S. and what is purportedly Rajapaksa’s U.S. passport that has been cancelled that Sabry used at a press conference today to prove that Rajapaksa had indeed given up his U.S. citizenship despiterepeated allegations he had not

In his tweet, he pointed out that:

1. The alleged copy of Rajapaksa’s passport said ‘CANCEL’ not ‘CANCELLED” as it should have.

2. That the certificate was written in the Sri Lankan style (d/m/y) not (m/y/d)

and that Rajapaksa’s name does not appear in the Federal Registry

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