President Sirisena Delivers Final Address To The Nation: "The Freedom Of Expression I Protected Was Often Used To Tarnish My Image"

November 16, 2019

In his final address to the nation, President Maithripala Sirisena said he ensured total democracy in the country.

The President added that the freedom of expression he afforded to society was misused to tarnish his image.

"There was no politically-orchestrated murder or political victimization during my tenure.My successor, whoever he may be, has a responsibility to uphold the same kind of media freedom and democracy."

"Internal conflicts within the government prevented my government from fulfilling some essential promises.That was a conflict between extreme Liberal policies and the indigenous thinking which I represent."

"The biggest challenge confronting the new President is to appoint a Cabinet without corrupt ministers."

"The Presidential election was incredibly peaceful as it was held under a non-partisan President. There is a remarkable difference between this and the last Presidential election and it speaks volumes of the way our society has progressed under my leadership," he added.

"I promised to the nation in Kandy that I will not run for the presidency again. I was able to come good on this promise." #lka

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