'Mahinda Kahandagamage Has Collected Rs.1.8 Million Without Proper Accounts'

It was transpired in court that the Self Employed Federation-a trade organization operating in the Colombo city was collecting a sum of Rs.1.8 million monthly from the members without maintaining proper account reports.

Counsel who appeared for two plaintiff made this revelation today before Colombo District Court where SEF president Mahinda Kahandagamage sought a court order to revoke the enjoining which prevented the SEF from collecting money from fellow members.

District court judge Sujatha Alahapperuma announced that the request to revoke the enjoining order to be considered on October 20.

olombo district court issued an enjoining order restraining Mahinda Kahandagamage, Chairman of the Self Employed Association, from collecting money from members of the federation.

The enjoining order, according to the Colombo District Court, will be effective until October 23

The order was made by Colombo District Judge Sujatha Alahapperuma, sequel to a case filed by two members of the federation alleging that the Chairman and its Executive Committee are constantly violating the constitution of SEA and arbitrarily collecting money from members.


Kahandagamage, a member of the Colombo Municipal Council representing the ruling party, is a controversial figure whose name has been mentioned in connection with several financial misappropriations.

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