President Invites TNA To Join Hands With Govt

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, delivering his 10th budget speech in Parliament, invited the Tamil National Alliance to join hands with the government to form a “united nation” and to ensure development for every community of the country.

“I once again call upon the TNA to join hands with the government to develop the country,” President Rajapaksa said.

However, In his speech, the President also add that he cannot see the logic of devolving land and police powers to provincial councils, as requested by some.

He also appreciated the international community’s contribution to develop Sri Lanka. "We have transformed Sri Lanka from being a receiver of humanitarian aid into a provider of humanitarian relief", he noted.

President Rajapaksa, commencing his budget speech, said his government never pursued privatization taking cue from previous governments. “Due to the actions of the previous government, the entire state sector suffered,” the President said in his budget speech.

“The period of past ten years has seen meaningful development in this country,” he added.

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