'A Common Candidate Will Be Found In A Week Or So' : Nandana

Former Panadura Urban Council Chairman and Sri Lanka Freedom Party Kalutara District Organizer Nandana Gunathilaka has stated that a suitable common candidate for presidential election will be hopefully decided upon roughly within another week.

Speaking to the 'News Line' segment in News First, he added that the candidate should be able to represent different opinions and attract votes from different ethnic and religious communities.

Meanwhile, appearing on the 'Jana handa' TV show on TNA, representing the political movement named "First Front", Gunathilaka strongly criticized the economic policies of the present government and emphasized the need to support a common candidate. 

He also added that the state of affairs in the country has deteriorated rapidly over the past few years under the watch of the UPFA government. 

When asked as to why he made a move just months before a crucial presidential election, Gunathilake said that he was waiting for the right moment to step out of the government. 

"Also the candidate should be competent to institute the changes sought by those who are seeking constitutional change, including curtailing powers of the executive, electoral reform and the re-institution of the five commissions introduced by the 17th Amendment" Gunathilaka said.

Gunathilaka added that he had been involved in the work of “Pivithuru Hetak” Organization led by Athuraliye Rathana Thera, but had been in the sidelines as he was still a member of the SLFP.

Nandana Gunathilaka is former strongman of he JVP and he contested as the "common candidate" of the Left at the presidential election in 1999. 

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