SIS To Sue Rawaya For Publishing "False" Intelligence Report

The State Intelligent Service is to take legal against the Ravaya newspaper for publishing a "false story" that was damaging to the intelligence service, Police Department sources said. 

The Rawaya lead story today reported that the SIS had informed the President that common candidate Maithripala Sirisena would win the forthcoming presidential election with a majority of 59%. 

According to the story the President will obtain only 41% at the presidential polls. 

The story also Reported that SIS Chief DIG Chandra Wakishta has been removed from his position following this secret intelligence report. 

The Police Department on Friday stated that no such survey was carried out by the SIS and the story was completely false and baseless. 

A senior official of the Police Department said on Friday night that legal advise will be taken to sue the newspaper for publishing a story that was damaging to the intelligence service. 


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