Digambaram And Radhakrishnan Join Common Opposition

 Two deputy ministers of the ruling party, namely P. Digambaram and P. Radhakrishnan, will officially extend their support to Common Candidate of the opposition,  Maithripala Sirisena this evening, highly placed political sources told Asian Mirror.

Digambaram, who was the Deputy Minister of National Languages and Social Integration, resigned from his position this morning to support the Common Candidate. The Deputy Minister who represents National Workers Union, a plantation sector trade union, was sworn in as Deputy Minister in National Languages and Social Integration in August this year.

V. Radharishnan, a politician representing the hill country, is the Deputy Minister of Botanical Gardens and Public Recreation. He has also tendered his letter of resignation to step down from the post before joining the opposition. 

The two politicians are likely to announce their decision to media this evening, a spokesperson of the Common Opposition told Asian Mirror.

Their decision will also make an impact on the standpoint of the Ceylon Workers Congress, led by Minister Arumugam Thondaman.



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