Faizer Mustapha Leaves...For Singapore!

Deputy Minister Faizer Mustapha, who was expected to announce his final decision on the presidential election today, has left for Singapore.

Airport sources confirmed Asian Mirror that the Deputy Minister left the country at 2.45 pm.

Sources close to him told Asian Mirror that the Minister would announce his decision upon his return. However, last minutes attempts were made by the government to prevent the crossover of the Deputy Minister.

Asian Mirror learns that the Deputy Minister Father, Senior Lawyer Faiz Mustapha, is also in Singapore at the moment. Meanwhile, influential Parliamentarian of the United People’s Freedom Alliance had also left for Singapore this morning.

The Deputy Minister earlier said he would not support President Mahinda Rajapaksa if the BBS, a hardcore Sinhala-Buddhist organization, extended its support to the incumbent.

Now, the BBS has clearly expressed its position on the matter saying it would support President Mahinda Rajapaksa, unconditionally.


It is in this context that the Deputy Minister is to make an announcement on his decision.His announcement also comes against a backdrop where SLMC Leader Rauff Hakeem has delayed the announcement of his final decision after much persuasion by the government. The SLMC Leader decided to delay his decision after the government assured that it would look into concerns raised by the leaders of the Muslim party. 

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