DEW Gunasekera Says Crossovers Likely In Next Few Days

Senior Minister DEW Gunasekera stated that politicians of both sides are preparing to crossover tonight, tomorrow and even on the 6 th.

He made this revelation at a Communist Party meeting in Hatton earlier today.

He also said that this presidential election has seen an unprecedented number of crossovers including Cabinet Ministers, Parliamentarians, Provincial Councilors and even Pradeshiya Sabha Members.

Gunasekera also stated that he was not sure as to where all this will end up but added that the voters have not changed their stance due to crossovers.

DEW Gunasekera is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka and is a National List Member of Parliament from the governing UPFA. His party also saw a rupture with the announcement of the presidential election, with several members of the party leadership opting to support common candidate of the opposition Maithripala Sirisena.

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