Court Orders Police To Arrest Deputy Minister Over Shooting In Kahawatte

Pelmadulla Magistrate has ordered to arrest Deputy Minister Premalal Jayasekera over the shooting incident at Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena’s election rally in Kahawatte.

Three people were injured following the incident and they were admitted to the hospital. This is the second shooting incident which took place during election rallies of the opposition.

Eye-witnesses told the Police that the Deputy Minister was directly involved in the shooting incident. The court has also ordered the arrest of two other allies of Deputy Minister Jayasekera.

The 40 year old politician, who represents the district of Rathnapura, is known as “choka malli’” among his supporters and party members.

Meanwhile, Police sources said two Police officers have been interdicted just hours after arresting a drunkard UPFA supporter in Deniyaya.

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