Foneka To Contest Independently And Join National Government Later

Democratic Party Leader Sarath Fonseka said his party would contest independently at the upcoming general election.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Fonseka said that his party would join the national government which will be formed after the election.

He added that he was confident of the people’s faith in him and said that the people of Colombo District gave him 98,800 votes in the General Election in 2010. He added that he could even double the number of preferential votes this year.

Sarath Fonseka made this remark after President Maithripala Sirisena cleared him of all charges. Fonseka was also returned all the medals and the military rank that were taken away from him following the last presidential election. Meanwhile the Elections Commissioner said that his voting rights would also be restored.

Sarath Fonseka contested as the leader of the Democratic National Alliance in the April 2010 general election. In the election the DNA won 7 seats with 2 National List seats. However, at that time the JVP was part of the DNA.

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