Weerawansa's Interrogation Linked To Buddhadasa's Complaint: Money laundering Charges To Surface Next

It has now been revealed that the CID interrogation of former Minister Wimal Weerawansa was based on a complaint lodged by Kaduwela Mayor G.H. Buddhadasa who is known as a political rival of the NFF leader. 

Police sources told Asian Mirror that Weerawansa was questioned for over an hour in connection with a complaint lodged by Buddhadasa on an alleged election law violation. 

In addition to the CID complaint, Kaduwela Mayor G.H. Buddhadasa has also filed a law suit against NFF Leader Wimal Weerawansa and his secretary Priyanjith Vitharana demanding Rs 50 million over a “defamatory” article that was published in “Panchayudha” newspaper, printed by the National Freedom Front.

The newspaper was distributed among members of the National Freedom Front who participated which took place at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in May this year.

The Mayor of Kaduwela charged that his image has been tarnished by the article which was published by the “Panchayudhaya’ newspaper.

Meanwhile, Police sources told Asian Mirror that Weerawansa was under investigation on several other charges as well, including money laundering. 


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