Vasudeva Slams Government For Inaction Against Corrupt Individuals

Parliamentarian Vasudeva Nanayakkara stated that even though the government repeatedly makes accusations on corruption, it has not shown real intent in taking steps against corrupted individuals.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, Nanayakkara said that the government does not seem to have any intention of revealing people who took money out of the country by illegal means.

He added that despite the accusations, no substantial investigations are being done even when the opportunity is there.

On Tuesday, Nanayakkara raised a question over the existence of 129 bank accounts belonging to 92 Sri Lankans at HSBC bank in Switzerland. The accounts owned by Sri Lankans reportedly had 85 million Swiss Francs.

However, Nanayakkara mentioned that when he raised the question the relevant minister had said that according to Sri Lankan law an investigation cannot be started due to a journalistic report.

Nanayakkara urged the government to amend these laws and said the opposition MPs will fully support such a move. He further said that he will once again raise the issue of Sri Lankans who had deposited money in foreign banks.

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