Another Drug Lord Arrested, Brought From Pakistan

A wanted Sri Lankan drug lord, Mohammed Siddique, was arrested in Pakistan and brought to Sri Lanka, local media reported.

Mohammed Siddique, who was believed to be based in Peshawar, Pakistan, is said to be a major smuggler of heroin to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka police last year sought the support of the Pakistan police and International Police (Interpol) to arrest Siddique and another drug lord, Gampola Vidanalage Don Samantha Kumara alias Wele Suda, who were reportedly handling the drug business in Sri Lanka.

Both had Interpol red notices issued on them.

Wele Suda was arrested earlier this year in Pakistan and deported to Sri Lanka. He is currently in remand and facing trial.

Siddique is being questioned by CID on his smuggling activities and his relationship with Wele Suda, Police Media Spokeperson ASP Ruwan Gunasekara told media.

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