Navy Recruit Training Center In Sampur To Be Relocated

It has been decided to relocate the Naval Training Center in Sampur from its present location.

237 acres of land which was under the Sri Lanka Navy as a Naval Recruit Training Centre will be released back to its original owners, Eastern province Governor Austin Fernando said at a recent meeting.

At a special meeting held at the Eastern Province Governor's office in Trincomalee the governor stated that an alternative land will be given for establishing the training centre again, local media reports said.

Moreover addressing the meeting the Minister of Resettlement, Reconstruction and Hindu Religious Affairs D. M. Swaminathan said 818 acres of Sampur will be handed back before the end of April to their original owners.

Sampur Naval Recruit Training Centre was first established in 2007 to cater to the growing needs of training naval personnel enlisted in the Navy at the time.

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