Police Protection For Assailant's Residence Ahead Of Priyantha Sirisena Funeral

Additional police protection was given to the Hathare Ela area ahead of the funeral of Priyantha Sirisena, a brother of President Maithripala Sirisena.

Sirisena, also known as ‘Weli Raju’ was assaulted on the back of his head with an axe on March 26, by an individual named Saputhanthrige Don Nishan Lakmal Saputhanthri at the latter’s residence at Hathare Ela. Sirisena later succumbed to his injuries and his funeral will be held at Polonnaruwa later in the day.

Police protection was given to the area around the residence of Lakmal Saputhanthri as a precautionary measure against it being attacked in retribution, Police Media Unit said.

Lakmal Saputhanthri, who surrendered to police within hours of the assault, was remanded until April 8.

Saputhanthri confessed that he assaulted Sirisena since the latter had scolded his parents with foul language.

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