University Protests: Namal Rajapaksa Asks If History Is Repeating Itself

UPFA MP Namal Rajapaksa recently stated that the protest organized by university students on Wednesday (01) made him wonder if ‘history is about to repeat itself.’

Updating his blog for the first time in nearly two months, Rajapaksa used a flow chart to express his view with more clarity.

“We’ve seen this dangerous situation before in our history. Political instability —> economic instability —> increasing unemployment —> youth unrest—>”, elder son of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

Although he keeps the flow chart incomplete, the implication is that this could develop into another student uprising. However, it should be noted that the student movement repeatedly clashed with the government, even when president Rajapaksa was in power. Namal Rajapaksa does not explain the difference between then and now.

In his blog post Rajapaksa appreciated the move of President Sirisena to distribute land deeds to families in the North. However, Rajapaksa stated that eliminating high-security zones can create uncertainty among people.

“During my visits [in Hambantota District] I heard many villagers express concern about that the country is not as secure as it used to be. Their concerns weren’t being expressed by a blind loyalty to my Father or me. Their concerns were tied to recent actions by the current Government.” Rajapaksa stated.

He was highly critical of foreign minister Mangala Ramaraweera’s recent statement on lifting the lifting the existing ban on Tamil diaspora groups.  It seems that the present Government is blind to the continuing threat of LTTE remnants, even when an organization such as the European Union has re-imposed its ban on the terrorist group, he asserted.

“Amidst all this, the Government is more concerned about things like banning full-faced helmets. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so worrying,” Namal Rajapaksa pointed out.

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