Abandoned Lankan Boat Raises Suspicion In Tamil Nadu

The Q Branch police in Tamil Nadu seized a Sri Lankan fibreglass boat found abandoned at Kannupalam seashore near Kundhukal in Thangachimadam, and launched a hunt for at least two Sri Lankans who could have clandestinely landed on the shore, The Hindu reported.

On being alerted by local fishermen, the Q Branch police team, led by Inspector of Police R. Kennedy, reached the seashore on Thursday morning and found the 25-foot-long fishing boat, painted in white and blue, abandoned on the shore with its engine removed.

It bore a handwritten registration number, MTT 143, suggesting that it should have come from Mannar region though boats from Mannar would be indicated by MNR, the Marine Police of the Coastal Security Group (CSG), which has launched a joint investigation, said.

Kennedy told media that on reaching an isolated place in the forest area, two or three persons had removed the engine and fled.

The boat had two fishing nets, three plastic cans, one with 30 litres of kerosene, and an anchor, he said.

The police suspected that the Lankan nationals could have landed on the Indian shore for smuggling activity, he said.

They could have landed in the early hours of Thursday as the fishermen spotted the boat around 6 a.m.

On October 4, 2014, an 18-foot-long tri-colour fibre glass boat from Talaimannar was found abandoned at the same spot. Two persons, who had landed clandestinely, gave a slip to the police and escaped. The police, however, had seized the boat.

Superintendent of Police N.M. Mylvahanan said the local police had launched a co-ordinated action with the Marine and the Q Branch police to arrest the intruders.

A combing operation was conducted in the forest area in search of the engine, he said.
(With inputs from The Hindu)

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