Amarasinghe To Form New Party To Show Correct Path To JVP

Former JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe stated that he was preparing to establish a new political party. Speaking to local media on Friday, he said that he took the decision to leave the JVP after serious contemplation and he does not feel any remorse over his move.

It was also reported that Amarasinghe held a discussion with the Elections Commissioner on selecting a name and a symbol for the party.

Amarasinghe stated that his intention was to bring the JVP into the right path, rather than the way it is taking at the moment.

However, he expressed reluctance to join any other party since all parties were playing 'political card games' with the voters, 'The Nation' reported.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that Amarasinghe had a discussion with the JVP Alternative Group leader Anuruddha Polgampola. The leader of JVP Alternative Group told local media that he is ready to join the former JVP leader if he is forming a new party.

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