Smaller Parties Hit Out At SLFP For Proposed Electoral Reform

Small parties slammed the electoral system proposed by Sri Lanka Freedom Party, pointing out that they cannot support a system where the number of MPs elected under proportional representation (PR) system is drastically reduced.

The parties came to this agreement during a meeting held on Sunday to discuss the new electoral system, Democratic People’s Front leader Mano Ganesan told BBC Sandeshaya.

In a meeting Ganesan described as ‘historic’, many small parties and parties representing minorities met to discuss the matter. He said that Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, Tamil National Alliance, Jathika Hela Urumaya, Ceylon Workers’ Congress, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, Lanka Sama Samaja Party and Communist Party were among the parties that took part in the discussion.

Ganesan added that there were shortcomings in the present electoral system. However, reducing the number of PR seats is not the answer to it, he added. SLFP proposed a system where 165 MPs will be selected under first-past-the-post system while 60 will be elected under the PR system. The National List will have 25 MPs under the SLFP-proposed system.

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