Court Of Appeals Extends Injunction Order Against Full Face Helmets

The Appeals Court extended the interim injunction order against the ban on 'full face helmets' till July 2.

The police earlier decided to ban full face helmets with effect from March 21 in order to stop crimes and burglaries done by people covering their faces using full face helmets.

However, following strong opposition from motorcyclists, the ban was withdrawn on March 9, following the instructions of Minister John Amaratunga.

Later the police said it will implement the ban from April 2. Motorcyclists held a protest on March 29 against this step. However, police said on April 1 that it will carry out the ban as it was announced.

However, the Appeals Court issued an interim injunction order on April 2 against the ban.

Motorcyclists continued the protests against the proposed ban. The most recent protest was held on Sunday at Galle.

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