One Sri Lankan Drinks Nearly 5 Litres Of Alcohol Every Year - WHO

According to the World Health Organization statistics, one person in Sri Lanka consumes 2.5-4.9 litres of Alcohol on a yearly basis. Sri Lanka's 'per capita consumption of alcohol, as the WHO reveals, is as the same as India! 

However, from a global perspective, Sri Lanka's per capita alcohol consumption is fairly moderate.

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The WHO study reveals Russians and their neighbors drink more than almost everyone else in the world.

Portugal, Grenada, and Andorra are also ranked in the highest category at more than 12.5 litres per person over the age of 15 in 2010.

WHO notes in its report that 48% of those included in this data abstain from drinking altogether. So if those people were excluded, per capita consumption among those who do drink would be even higher than what's shown on this map.

Canadians drink more than Americans, keeping pace with most European countries. Alcohol consumption is low in northern Africa, but the southern half of the continent sees higher drinking rates, especially South Africa and Namibia.

Alcohol consumption in Russia is a major concern. A recent study  found that the high number of early deaths in Russia could be attributed to people drinking too much. Commons causes of early deaths include liver disease, alcohol poisoning, and getting into accidents or fights while drunk.

Other countries near Russia, including Ukraine and Belarus, have similar levels of alcohol consumption.

WHO's report notes that the European region contains just 14.7% of the world's population above the age of 15, but accounts for 25.7% of the total alcohol consumed worldwide. The report uses the most recent data for alcohol consumption around the world.

In addition to having some of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the world, Russia and Ukraine also have the most risky patterns of drinking, according to WHO.

To determine which countries have the riskiest drinking patterns, WHO considers the usual quantity of alcohol consumed per occasion, proportion of drinking events when drinkers get drunk, proportion of drinkers who drink daily or nearly daily, festive drinking, drinking with meals, and drinking in public places. (with inputs from Business Insider - Pic courtesy: Brett Davies's Flickr page) 

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