President Says He Is ‘Unable To Protect Army Personnel Guilty Of Killing Journalists Or Sportsmen’

President Maithripala Sirisena, at an event at the Defence Services School in Kurunegala said he was not prepared to make any war hero a suspect in the charges levelled against the armed forces and the government on the alleged violations of human rights during the war against terrorism.

The President however, said he was unable to protect those who are found guilty of acts that are not connected to the national security and those who are guilty of killing media persons or sportsmen.

The President pointed out that it is the responsibility and duty of the government to protect the war heroes who fought for the Motherland, assured that he would always fulfil his responsibility as the President and Defence Minister.

There is unprecedented goodwill for Sri Lanka among the international community today and many people question as to what benefit could be derived to the country from this, President Sirisena said.

“We are utilising that goodwill and friendship for the protection of the honour and respect of our war heroes,” he said.

He added that the most powerful world leaders have assured him that they would stand by Sri Lanka’s independence and democracy as well as on issues pertaining to the members of armed forces.

The President emphasised that he would always take the fullest responsibility on behalf of any problem face by the officers, staff members and war heroes who fought against the LTTE.







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