Judicial Service Association Resolutions Unlawful Interference, Amounts To Contempt of Court - Sumanthiran

TNA parliamentarian M. A. Sumanthiran in a statement yesterday said that the five resolutions adopted by the Judicial Services Association was tantamount to Contempt of Court.

 In a statement to the media the parliamentarian said, ‘When a person is a high court judge constitution makes provision for his removal only on the recommendation of the judicial service commission.’

‘…such recommendation can be made only for disciplinary reason, after the inquiry into an alleged misconduct of a high court judge.’

‘When that is the constitutional position, it is a matter of regret that the Judicial Services Association, which is a trade union, has gone on to exert undue influence over the functions of the Judicial service commission, which is an independent commission under the constitution.’

‘Neither the bar association nor the Judicial service association have any role to play with regard to the appointment of a high court judge or indeed in respect of his removal.’

‘The Judicial service association resolutions, apart from that amounting to unlawful interference in the affairs of Judicial services commission.

‘This would amount to the contempt of court. The Judges association should refrain from making pronouncement that brings the judiciary into ridicule and suspicion in this manner. ‘



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