President Not Firm Enough With Prime Minister – Dilan Perera

State Minister of Highways Minister Dilan Perera yesterday accused President Sirisena of not using his powers over Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe enough. He said this was to be seen by the fact that the Joint Opposition had got the Galle Face to conduct their May Day rally.

“I have an accusation against the President. You stand holding a yellow card but you are not showing the red card enough. In the Central Bank bond issue, in the Hambantota Port, in these issues I thought this is the opportunity for the President to show the red card. What I mean by red card is this – show the red card to the Prime Minister, not anyone else.”

“People in this country are now saying, it’s okay if you steal, if you work. If you steal while not working, that is not good. It has come to the point where people are even accepting stealing as normal. Some stakeholders in this national government have decided to protected robbers. All we have to say to the President is – use your powers. The Prime Minister is giving orders over the President – that can’t happen.”

“I always say there is a deal between Basil Rajapaksa and the Prime Minister. That deal is apparent with Galle Face. After Premadasa’s time, Galle Face was not given for rallies like this. Galle Face was not even used by our government, but the Prime Minister has given it to the Joint Opposition. This deal must be investigated,” he said.


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