SLC Investigates Forty Sri Lankan Cricketers Based On Pramodya Wickremasinghe's claims Suggesting Match Fixing

September 22, 2017

Forty Sri Lankan cricketers are currently being investigated by the Sri Lanka Cricket,based on the allegations levelled against the team by former cricketer and national selector Pramodya Wickramasinghe.

Wickremasinghe, in a television interview recently, said “unusual developments” happened in the Sri Lankan dressing room during the tournaments against Australia and Zimbabwe.

The former Sri Lankan fast bowler said outsiders had access to internal strategy meetings of the cricket team and former captain Angelo Mathews made certain strange moves during the match, without informing anyone.

What Wickremasinghe indicated was that these “unusual developments” suggested the possibility of match fixing and spot fixing.

It was in this light that the 40 cricketers are being probed by the cricket authorities demanding an inquiry, with the aim of ascertaining the truth behind claims by Wickremasinghe. The inquiry was launched based on a request made by the cricketers who are under spotlight. 

Among them are captains of the Sri Lankan ODI team and the Test team.

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